Upcoming Events and Pre-Season games

Important dates for AGM, training and pre-season games.

While the snow may be lingering on the ground and the mercury stubbornly refusing to go above zero, the start of the season is fast approaching. This means that several important events are happening in a very short time period.

  • The Wanderer’s AGM (annual meeting) will be held on April 3rd.
  • Indoor training is continuing at Royal West Academy on Tuesday nights, but look for other dates and times to be added soon
  •  Two “home” pre-season games have been scheduled in April, and a mini-tour to Burlington is planned.

Details for the above are still being hammered out (i.e. room for the AGM, and field locations and times for the games, etc), so check the website, your inbox, and the online calendar frequently for the most up-to-the-minute details.

A full calendar of events can be found here: montrealwanderers.ca/calendar

We’ll update the calendar and website with this season’s schedule once it becomes available and is confirmed by the FRQ.

Our first game of the 2014 season (albeit an exhibition game) kicks off in less than 3 weeks. We look forward to not only seeing you at practice, but to hearing about all the outside fitness training you’re doing.


Winter’s over boys… time to get back to work!

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