2014 Indoor Training begins

Our indoor training will start this coming Tuesday, Feb 18th at 6:30pm and run until 8pm.

Our indoor training will start this coming Tuesday, Feb 18th at 6:30pm and run until 8pm. The training will be held in the Royal West Academy (RWA) gym in Montreal West.


189 Easton,
QC H4X 1L4

Public transit to that area is pretty decent:

  • 105 to the end, then walk from the terminus to RWA.
  • 162 to the corner of Sherbrooke and Westminister, then walk to RWA
  • Take any train from the Lucien L’Allier or Vendome stops and get off at Montreal-West… then walk to RWA.

We will continue having practices on Tuesday nights, at then throw in some dome sessions come March. These trainings will focus on fitness, basic skills, fundamentals, and our team structures that we will be running in 2014. Practice is very important for success on the field, so please make the efforts to be there, on time and ready to go.

Please bring an indoor pair of running shoes, and make sure to take off your boots when you get into the gym area to keep the place clean.

The season starts now boys!

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