Logo - TMR Rugby Football ClubWith 2 weeks off (St. Jean and Canada Day), the Wanderers are happy to welcome TMR to the Douglas for a friendly exhibition match.

The game will be tonight (Tuesday, June 19th) at the Douglas and kick off at 7pm (driving directions). Everyone should be there as close to 6pm as possible; players in order to get ready, and everyone else to get the field set up. For those not playing tonight there will be no practice, so you have no excuse not to show up and cheer on your team.

Everyone should bring their kit as we may have to fill in spots for the game. If you’re not on the list but want to play let Anger know and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you. Roster is posted below.

For the first time in Wanderers history we may 3 father son duo’s on the field tomorrow (Rick and Alex Ness, Ralph and Justin Beaveridge and Jake and Marty Roberts-Phelan), so you’re not going to want to miss this.

Teddy Zoolander is reffing… so remember to tell him how nice his hair is, and we’ll do just fine.

Position Starting XV
1 – Prop Chris
2 – Hooker Bi “Le Guerrier Ultime”
3 – Prop Baby Ness
4 – Lock Dirty Old Marty
5 – Lock The Loch Ness Monster
6 – Flanker Rohan
7 – Flanker Dean
8 – Eight Man Elder Beaver
9 – Scrum Half Baby Beaver
10 – Fly Half That Asshole Ref
11 – Wing Dom
12 – Inside Center Britain’s Top Sperm Donor
13 – Outside Center Alain
14 – Wing Seb
15 – Fullback Waussie
16 Jub Jub Super Sub
17 Frenchie
18 Steve O’Neil
19 Damien
20 Oft-broken Brockwell
21 Rabbi
22 Nicholas
23 Spanky