Arrangements for Bill

For those who would like to participate in honoring Bill’s memory, please click through.

Mini-Rugby program kicks off!

While winter is still in full force here in Montreal, children aged 9-12 are set to kick off the mini-rugby season.

Exhibition Match – Ajax Wanderers

The Ajax Wanderers are coming to Montreal, and we’ll happily partake in our own special brand of Wanderer-on-Wanderer violence. Click to read more….

New Season; New Laws

With the kickoff to the 2013 FRQ 15’s season just over a month away, time to brush up on some of the new laws that you’ll be dealing with in 2013.

We need your help!

Help the Wanderers and the Douglas Hospital win $25,000 in the Kraft Celebration Tour!

Wanderers to be featured online!

Tuesdays practice is a very important one for the club. has asked us to participate in a video discussing the origins of rugby and giving a demonstration of how the game is played. For this to be a success we need as many guys out to practice as possible. So whether you’re a current player, old […]