Schedule and Pre-Season Prep

Check out this post right meow for schedule, registration and training information.

Greetings fellow Wanderers!

First, as so many have been asking (but not checking the Google Calendar link on our site), I have created a new page to hold the 2014 schedule. Check it out and plan your summer accordingly.

Beyond games, the Google Calendar also includes the date, time and location for our training sessions. We’ve got just a few short weeks until kicking off against Saint Annes on May 24th, and you know they’ll be training hard. Hockey is Tuesday/Thursday this week, and magically, trainings are Monday and Wednesday. You’ve got no excuse not to show up, so we expect to see everyone out on Wednesday night (May 7th). We’ll be back on our regular Tuesday/Thursday schedule next week.

This brings us to our final point: Registration.

You NEED to get registered… no questions, no exceptions. If you aren’t registered you’re not insured, and if you’re not insured, you can’t play. Worse, you put everyone else in a bad position from a liability perspective… so just sack up and register already.

To register, you will need to visit this page, create a new account if you’re new or sign in if you were registered last year (go through the “forgotten password” flow if you don’t have one or don’t remember), and complete the registration procedure. Adam Sommer sent out an email last week with the registration details, but reach out to him or Bi if you can’t find it or have any questions.

We know that Monday is not our normal training session… but we had only about 15-18 guys show up. We need more, with SAB coming up in a couple of weeks. We expect to see everyone… EVERYONE, at training tomorrow (Wednesday, May 7th).

Don’t make an excuse; make an appearance.

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